Selected Restructuring Transactions

An Ad Hoc Group of First and Second Lien Noteholders in connection with the reorganization of Pyxus International and its $1.5 billion of debt in a pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Jun 2020
$1.5 billion

Senior secured lenders to Neiman Marcus in connection with a restructuring of the company’s nearly $5 billion of debt and as backstop lenders under a $675 million debtor-in-possession term loan credit facility

May 2020
$5 billion

in connection with its debt restructuring through a pre- packaged Chapter 11 plan and its superpriority secured debtor-in- possession financing

Apr 2020
$1.3 Billion

in connection with its investment in Joerns WoundCo Holdings, Inc. pursuant to a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization

Jun 2019
$200 million

in connection with its prearranged Chapter 11 and emergence from bankruptcy with over $500 million in new equity capital

May 2019
$500 Million

in connection with the financial restructuring and recapitalization of

May 2019

as agent for term lenders to General Motors in connection with a nearly $1.5 billion avoidance action claim

Apr 2019

An Ad Hoc Group of Term Loan Lenders in the out-of- court debt restructuring of Neiman Marcus Group

Mar 2019
$4.8 Billion

in the out-of-court debt restructuring of

Mar 2019
$1.085 Billion

An Ad Hoc Group of Senior Lenders comprised of Guggenheim Partners, Cetus Capital, GSO and Invesco in the out-of-court debt restructuring of

Dec 2018
$410 Million

Lenders to API Heat Transfer in a debt-for-equity swap

Dec 2018

in the Section 363 Purchase of the assets of

Dec 2018
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